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Sheep Diaries: The day has come

At last the time has come to say goodbye to our boys: the boys born this spring (see Sheep Diaries: Our first lambs). They were weaned a couple of weeks back, which led to a cacophony of baa-ing between the mums' paddock and the lambs' paddock. This only lasted a day or two, though fortunately.

When we advertised them, we had inquiries as far afield as Tauranga and Hamilton, Wiltshires (and especially black ones) are in such hot demand, particularly among lifestylers.

But it is sad to see them go. This was the first of the boys to go. The Husband didn't want him to feel anxious all by himself in the pen awaiting pick-up, so sat with him until his new owners arrived from Otaki to get him.

Bye young fella - go well!

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