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"Can we fix it?" Seminar recording now available!

This week I presented a seminar hosted by Engineering New Zealand. Employing Bob the Builder's catch-phrase, I argue that yes, we can address the planetary predicament (including climate change) but only by acknowledging and addressing the root cause of overshoot.

By escaping the trap of carbon tunnel vision and adopting a systems lens to understand the planetary predicament, we can find solutions that address not only climate resilience and mitigation but also deliver a wide range of co-benefits. I argue that engineering, as well as policy and other disciplines, such as urban design, must support the move to a wellbeing economy - that is, an economy that meets peoples' needs within planetary boundaries.

View/listen to the recording here. For more information on the Climate Conversation series, including recordings of the other excellent seminars, see the Climate Conversations page on the Engineering New Zealand website.


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