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A Sheep Diaries' revelation: Sheep are good at maths!

On Tuesday 25th September we had our last lambs. The last of the floppy-eared three had twins: one black and one white. This followed the second of the floppy-eared three having two white twins on the 19th. All are healthy with no assistance required from us. (Our colostrum went back in the freezer for next year.)

But these last births also led to an astounding revelation: in all their various configurations, singletons, twins, triplets, all variously hued, we ended up with exactly equal numbers of black and white lambs – seven black and seven white.

This is clear evidence that sheep are not only more intelligent than we often give them credit for, but they are also good at maths (well, at least counting). It puts the phrase 'counting sheep' in an entirely new light!

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