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Upcoming webinar: "Can we fix it? Yes we can!"

Can we fix it? Yes we can! (but only with a system's view).

At least that is what I will argue on 13 November when I present a seminar hosted by Engineering New Zealand Te Ao Rangahau. The recording can be viewed at this link.

By escaping the trap of carbon tunnel vision and adopting a systems lens to understand the planetary predicament, we can find solutions that address not only climate resilience and mitigation but also deliver a wide range of co-benefits. Put simply, by understanding our economy and society as an interconnected system, we can work together to build an Aotearoa New Zealand that is not only better for the planet but also for people.

This seminar has been put together with engineering professionals in mind, but anyone working in government, policy, transport, energy, construction, or related sectors will no doubt gain from the discussion.

For more information on the Climate Conversation series, see the Climate Conversations page on the Engineering New Zealand website.


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