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'Cuteness' has no place on a real farm - lucky we don't have one

On a farm (even just a pretend one like ours), there are always arrival and departures (see Sheep Diaries: The day has come).

But Sunday was a particularly auspicious one in this respect. It saw the arrival of two Lowline Angus steers (boys with their bits removed), in a sophisticated shade of brown, with a hint of burgundy. They came from Dannevirke, bought from a bit of character named Bear.

We awaited their arrival with anticipation, but were not prepared for the cuteness on the trailer. I know, I know ... farm animals are not supposed to be cute. But just look at these little fellas!

Of course, like all farm animals they have a purpose. They will follow the sheep around and deal with the longer grass that the sheep leave behind. And also ...

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