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Funny animal friends - Pohangina style

One of the things we enjoy about living in the country is observing the interactions of the

animals - both among their own kind and with other animals. One of the more unexpected interactions has been between this year's Wiltshire lambs and the spur-winged plovers who have decided to make a nest in the middle of the paddock, just like last year.

The lambs have developed a fascination for the birds, crowding around them like kids around a lolly scramble. In turn, the birds are stubborning staying put to protect their nest with its precious cargo of two speckled eggs. Their loud screeching protests at the lambs' incursions don't seem to deter the lambs at all ... if anything it seems to make them more intrigued by these strange, small two-legged sheep with feathers.

What we were not prepared for was for a friendship to form between the two species. One of our black lambs has taken to snoozing back to back with its feathered friend. And it seems the plover doesn't mind the company, quietly settling in for a nap of its own. OK, so it might not be as cute as this photo the kitten snoozing with the budgie, but we reckon it's still up there!

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