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As the climate crisis deepens, is degrowth the only pathway out?

This article was published in the Dominion Post/Stuff on 4 March 2023, two weeks after Cyclone Gabrielle hit, destroying homes, communities and livelihoods and taking lives across the north and east of the North Island.

As the climate crisis deepens, with devastating effects here in our own communities, many people are starting to question the system that created this crisis in the first place.
Sure, we can ‘build back better’ – with more roads, bridges, stormwater and stopbanks – but, at best, this will only buy us a little more time before the next catastrophic weather event strikes.
Climate change is already bedded in, but we still have a chance of preserving a liveable planet for our children and their children.
However, to do this, we must stop causing the harm that causes climate and ecological breakdown. Renewable energy and new technology will help in our transition to a lower impact economy, but we must also drastically reduce the energy and resources we use and waste.

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