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Sufficiency and the pathway to a post-growth economy - recording available

In August I presented a seminar, hosted by Massey University, on what I believe to be the single most important issue we face today. That is, how to reconcile our growth-based economy and energy-intensive way of life with the polycrisis that means a liveable planet hangs in the balance.

In the talk, I argue that we simply cannot reconcile these two things - contrary to the bright shiny promises of green growth. Instead, we must let go of growth as the central goal of our economy and focus instead on what a society needs to deliver to achieve wellbeing for all, within the limits of a finite planet.

I argue that a key policy goal must be "sufficiency" - with the right vision, it is an idea that people from across the political spectrum are likely to coalesce around, unlocking the pathway to a better future.

For those who missed the seminar, here is a link to the recording (passcode: 0U3PW@sA).


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