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The best rainbows in the World

Yesterday, while visiting Christchurch, I made the bold claim that the Pohangina Valley, where I live, has 'the best rainbows in the world'. Being a great believer in evidence as the foundation of all my work, I thought I had better back up this claim with some photographic proof. These photographs were taken on the weekend, unadulterated.

Our rivers: reflecting on the past

Earlier this evening I got a call out of the blue from a nice young reporter from Newshub, keen to interview me for their morning show on the issue of fresh water. I say 'out of the blue', but it seems there had been a media release about a lecture I am doing tomorrow night about the environmental history of rivers at the University of Canterbury [link here]. Anyway, against my better judgement, and somewhat reluctantly, I agreed to be interviewed. I was feeling a bit wary given how 'live' freshwater issues are at the moment, less than a week out from the election - on top of which I was utterly unprepared. So I wittered on semi-(I hope!) coherently to a series of questions, from which, pote

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