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"Beyond Manapouri is an important, highly readable and hard-hitting book"

It is very affirming to read Shaun Barnett's review of "Beyond Manapouri: 50 years of environmental politics" in this month's Backcountry Magazine, particularly given that Shaun himself is such a talented and well-respected writer of NZ non-fiction. His review concludes: "Knight writes succinctly, clearly and convincingly. Few books pack as much punch in as little as 272 pages. Good photographs, endnotes, a bibliography and index complement the text. Beyond Manapouri is an important, highly readable and hard-hitting book that deserves to be in the library of every New Zealander concerned about our environment." Read full review below:

Nature & wellbeing in NZ – case study ideas please

As you may have seen from an earlier post The connection between nature & wellbeing, I am interested in exploring the connection between nature and wellbeing as the subject of my next book. In that earlier post, I asked for help finding existing literature on the topic, particularly in the New Zealand context. And I got some super-helpful responses, so thank you so much to everyone who responded! The great news is that I have now secured funding for the research component of the project, which is very exciting! So if anyone has any ideas for case studies for the book, please be in touch. These can be anywhere in New Zealand, individual or group, private property or reserve/public land, where

The ban on single-use plastic bags: good things take time

Rarely can I say that I was ahead of my time, but when it comes to single-use plastic bags, it may be a fair claim. Fifteen years ago, in late 2002/early 2003, I led a campaign to call on the government to ban single-use plastic bags, particularly in supermarkets - my only claim to 'activism' in my life (though of a fairly mild variety, admittedly). Oh, apart from an anti-nuclear march I organised on Hiroshima Day in the mid-1980s, while I was still at high school. The campaign got a fair reception, with TV3 news picking it up as a news story - though to be fair, probably only because it was the 'slow news' period over Christmas/New Year and they were a bit desparate! But as their interview

Why we should be nice to Australians (especially ones who have been here a long time)

During dinner a week or so ago, we noticed a couple of spur-winged plovers in hot pursuit of a swamp harrier; we were alerted to the aerial combat by the plovers' characteristic high-pitched screeching. The swamp harrier eventually made a dignified and unhurried exit and was not seen again. We thought nothing more of it, but later Husband and son were out in the paddock moving the sheep when they looked down in the grass and found the source of the birds' assertive behaviour: a nest (well, a slightly hollowed out bit of grass really) with three speckled eggs in it. They had been defending their babies. Unfortunately, the paddock in which the parents-to-be had set up their nursery was the one

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