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New Zealand between the Wars

Question: What is the connection between these two images?

Auckland children drinking the free issue of a daily half pint of milk which was made to all New Zealand school children from 1937 to 1967. Photographed by an unknown photographer about 1939. Alexander Turnbull Library, ref: MNZ-2461-1/4-F

Man and three children (in a washtub) swimming in a river in the Northland region. Photograph taken between 1910 and 1940, probably by Arthur James Northwood. Alexander Turnbull Library, ref: 1/1-006230-G.

Answer: They both appear in New Zealand between the Wars, edited by Rachael Bell (Massey University Press, 2017), a collection of essays, edited by Rachael Bell, exploring New Zealand life during the interwar years. The first photograph illustrates the introduction by Rachael Bell, while the second is included in a chapter entitled "Modernising rivers: River 'improvement' efforts and hydroelectric power development" exploring efforts to 'tame' rivers during the interwar years and make them more 'useful' for human purposes. (Second answer: Yes, they both relate to fresh water.)

Sample pages and other information about New Zealand between the Wars can be found on the Massey University Press website.

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