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Wildbore's landscapes

Today's Manawatu Standard features an article on my latest book project, the story behind the images of Charles E. Wildbore, farmer, bee-keeper, inventor and photographer, who lived in Pohangina Valley from the 1890s to the 1930s. Through his photographs, he left - I suspect, unknowingly - a rich legacy: a visual record of the unprecedented environmental change that took place in the Valley, mirroring the transformative change that had already unfolded throughout New Zealand following European settlement. Through his photographs, we can imagine the past, and even more importantly perhaps, imagine the future.

The book is due for release later this year, and will be published by Haunui Press.

Read the Manawatu Standard article here.

Image: Bush-whackers' camp at Komako, Pohangina Valley, ca 1904, taken by Charles E. Wildbore. Palmerston North Library.

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